About us
A baby is given a slate and a chalk and she doodles freely. she draws herself, her mother, her father, her belongings. The way she visualises individuals and objects. Very simple and minimal. She draws eyes, lips, hairs and an outline. Probably because these are the things that matter or she experiences. A designer is born that day.

But this world slowly corrupts her. She starts paying attention to details. Details which don’t matter, emotions which she never experiences, features which she wont ever use. But these elements are the needed complexities of her surroundings. She cant ignore those as everyone around now appreciates complexities.

She now doodles important stuff, things which are realistic to a false world. Her perception has changed. Her emotions altered and her experiences modified. But deep inside, the baby in her still wants to doodle the real world with a piece of chalk and a slate. She decides to quit the unnatural and unlearn everything.

A designer is reborn that day.

Now she is free. She questions the details, argues complexities and creates simplicity. She creates from her heart, from her experiences and she is simplifying the world. Object by object. Design by design. Person by person.

All of our products are customisable as per your needs. Be it including your name, initials embossed on the piece to special packaging or delivery request. Just place order for a customised piece.